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10 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair: What to Look Out For

A water heater comes in handy when you’re taking a nice warm bath or doing your laundry. However, it’s not a home appliance people pay much mind to. That is until it stops working.

If you don’t want cold water coming out of the faucet when you need it warm, here are 10 things to watch out for when your water heater might need repair.

1. Fluctuating Water Temperature

A faulty water heater may start to experience inconsistencies in water temperature. You may notice that even without touching the temperature setting, the water can be cold one moment and hot the next.

These temperature fluctuations usually occur when mineral deposits accumulate around the heater’s water heating components. When you start to notice inconsistencies in water temperature, you should call a water heater repair expert in New Orleans to check it out.

2. Poor Hot Water Pressure

The accumulation of mineral deposits on your water heater’s components can cause even more harm when it lowers hot water pressure.

This happens when their presence in the water heating components clogs the water pipes.

The water pressure can also reduce when your heater starts to age. As with most home appliances, aging comes with problems. Poor water pressure is a sign you need to hire a plumber in New Orleans to fix your water heater.

3. Hot Water Leakage

While a leakage might seem like a problem you should notice, you may still miss it. The leakage doesn’t have to start dropping rapidly before you call a water heater repair company in New Orleans.

A small amount of water drops from your heater is an indication that it’s faulty. If you wait too long to have it checked, the problem can worsen and cause more damage.

4. Cloudy, Bad Smelling Water

There are two main reasons why the water from your faucet is cloudy and smells bad. It can happen due to the accumulated mineral deposits in the heater or a possible bacterial infection in the tank.

It’s a situation that needs immediate attention because bacteria-infected water can be dangerous to your health.

5. Loud Sounds from Your Water Heater

Ordinarily, it’s not unheard of that your water heater makes a little sound, but you should be concerned when it gets significantly louder. Again, the mineral deposits around the heating components are the major culprit.

When the deposits build up at the bottom of the tank, they form a layer that covers the lower heating element. If this happens, the water heater may not be able to heat water as well as it normally does.

The movement of these deposits will cause a hissing, crackling, or sizzling sound. This problem should go away after the heater is flushed and drained by a water heater repair expert.

6. When the Water is Rusty

Rusty Water

Rusty water coming out from your faucet can be an indication that your water heater needs repair.

However, it can also be a pipe problem. If rusty water is coming out from the cold and hot water taps, you’re likely dealing with a problem in your water pipes.

However, when the rust only appears in your hot water tap, it’s usually due to a heater issue. The water heater has a metallic pole that’s made with aluminum and magnesium. Damage to the pole will cause rusty water.

7. Lukewarm Water

There are several reasons why your water heater might be producing lukewarm water. They include:

● Changing the Water Heater Settings to a low Temperature: This can be done manually. However, you may have forgotten to turn it back to a higher temperature or you’re not sure how it works at all. When this happens, you will only get lukewarm water from your heater.

● Weather: You may likely experience this during winter. It happens when the cold weather significantly lowers the temperature of the water that flows into your water heater.

With the water a lot cooler than usual, your water heater has to work harder to heat the water. Sometimes, the heater doesn’t do enough. This causes it to produce lukewarm water.

● Increased Water Usage: While it might seem like the heater can heat water instantly, it does take a little time for the heating to happen. When usage is high, the heater doesn’t have as much time to heat the water properly. This can also lead to lukewarm water.

It’s important to consider the above conditions before concluding that your water heater is faulty. However, when neither of them is at play, then you might well be dealing with a faulty water heater.

Dual element water heaters work with two heating elements that are controlled by two different thermostats. The water heater may start to produce lukewarm water if one of the elements is faulty.

For gas heaters that use burners, a faulty burner can also lead to lukewarm water. These issues can be fixed when you hire a plumber in New Orleans.

8. Hot Water Runs Out Quickly

This is another sign that could result from a faulty element or burner. Sometimes, these problems don’t always lead to lukewarm water.

Unless you want your water to go from hot to ice cold in a matter of minutes, you should call a water heater expert to check it out.

9. Lack of Maintenance

Old Water Heater for Repair - Tom's Plumber

Your water heater doesn’t have to be faulty before you call in a water heater expert in New Orleans. Yearly routine maintenance can save you a lot of headaches.

Some of the problems that affect water heaters develop over time. However, damage can be controlled when they are spotted early and fixed by water heater repair technicians.

However, with work to do and a life to live, you might not always spot hot water leakage or hear the sizzling sound from your faulty heater. This is why yearly routine maintenance is important to keep your water heater in good condition.

10. It’s Old

The older your water heater gets, the more frequently it develops faults. While it’s best to consider replacing it, you can preserve its lifespan a little more by having a water heater professional in New Orleans run routine maintenance regularly. This can help you get a few more years from your aging heater.

How To Deal With a Faulty Water Heater

You probably won’t notice your water heater is faulty until you’re about to take a warm bath, do the dishes, or do laundry. It’s a sticky situation that could potentially ruin your day.

At this point, the best thing to do is hire a professional to fix your water heater. It is also necessary to ensure you’re hiring an expert for the job.

Although every water heater repair company claims to provide the best services, not everyone is as good as they say they are. An amateur water heater repairman may worsen the problem or even damage your water heater beyond repair.

Therefore, it’s important to only hire a repair expert that has years of experience and a track record of delivering quality services to clients.

Other things to look out for in a water heater repair company are:

● If They Have a Website: A company website is one of the many attributes that suggest you’re dealing with a reliable water heater repair company.

● Customer Reviews: Check their website or Yelp reviews to see what past clients are saying about them.

● Willingness to Comply with Building Codes: When you call in for a quote, ensure they adhere to all national, state, and local building codes.

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