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Here are 7 Signs that You Need Drain Repair

Most of us don’t think about plumbing and drainage systems until it is an emergency. If your basement floods, if the drains start backing up, or if your sump pump begins to fail and you start to notice standing water, then you know you have a problem.

But how do you know the problem is bad enough to need the help of a professional plumber?

There are these common signs you’ll encounter that let you know that your drain needs to be repaired.

1. Slow Draining

Sink problems-Toms PlumberIf your sink goes from instantly draining to taking minutes to empty, the chances are good that there’s an obstruction in the pipes somewhere.

It could be a clog in the sink itself (such as hair), in the P-trap under the sink, or even further down in the drain line.

Clogs can be caused by a number of things ranging from grease or soap scum to small objects like food particles or tissues.

They can all contribute to problems like mold growth, foul smells, and water pressure issues.

How to Fix It

This can be remedied by pouring boiling water down the pipe to loosen the debris or by using a plunger to break up the clog.

Be careful not to use too much force in the plunger, however, as you can cause damage instead of fixing it. If nothing you’ve done works, then it is best to call a professional to fix the problem.

Opt for a drain cleaning service as well to ensure daily maintenance of your pipes and drains.

2. Fixtures Backup

Pipes repair-Toms PlumberIf you notice backed-up water in your sink, shower, or toilet, it’s likely that you need a drain repair.

The water should only travel in one direction and that is down the drain.

When you notice that water is not draining as it should, then you should consider having your drain checked.

Blockage can pose a threat to your home as it can cause water to back up and lead to flooding — not to mention that sewage water is toxic.

By having your drains repaired, you can prevent these costly and dangerous problems.

3. Unpleasant Odor

Odor in kitchen sink-Toms PlumberThere are two main reasons for a foul odor in your drain: sewer gas and decomposition.

Sewer gas is by far the more common cause of that nasty smell in your sink or tub, and it will become an even more common problem as time goes on.

Sewer gas originates from sewage or septic tanks and can be caused by a number of factors, including a clogged or improperly-sized drain line, and the flow of water through the drain is not fast enough to clear out the gas.

This type of smell is usually strongest when you first turn on the water after a long period without using it.

Consider a drain inspection if you’re noticing a sewer gas smell from your drain as it can be toxic, which is not safe for you and your family.

This can also be helpful to know if you need a repair or replacement.

4. High Water Bills

Consumption level-Toms PlumberA drastic increase in your water bill is a sign that your home has a water leak.

If you’re living in a house and paying for the water you use, your water bill should be the first indication that something is wrong.

If you’re alarmed by how high it is in a normal month, there’s no doubt that if it were any higher, you’d be calling a plumber.

5. Clogs Appear Too Frequently

One of the most frustrating things to deal with in any household is a clogged drain that won’t go away. If you experience clogs over and over again, then it may be a sign that you have an underlying problem with your drainage.

While it is normal for drains to clog from time to time, this shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. This can be a sign that you have a problem deeper in the system, such as a blockage in the sewer line or a broken pipe.

With such a difficult repair or replacement job, it is necessary to call a professional plumber to properly address the issue.

6. Low Water Pressure

Faucet with low pressure-Toms PlumberAnother thing is when low water pressure starts to become an issue in your home.

If you turn on the shower and the water pressure is weak, then it’s likely that there is a blockage somewhere in the system.

Especially when you don’t usually adjust the water valve. This can be caused by a variety of things, including mineral deposits, corrosion, or even a leak.

How to Fix It

If in any way you are experiencing low water pressure, you can always check your water pressure valve to see if someone adjusted it. If it is not the case, then you can have a plumber check your drainage system.

7. Pests Inside Your Pipes

As a homeowner, you know if your house is well-sealed or not. Some pay a generous amount to have good home insulation in order to avoid pests. But if you start to see pests or rodents around your sink, tub, or toilet, it’s likely that they’re coming up through the drain.

A crack in your sewer line will be the best opening for these critters to enter your home, and once they’re in, they can be difficult to get rid of.

Aside from infestation, the health threat that these pests bring is not something to take lightly. As someone who is not familiar with how the drainage system works, it is best to call a professional.

An experienced plumber will be able to tell whether the cause of the pests is due to having a broken pipe or a blockage in the sewer line.

How to Fix It

Have your local plumber do a pipe inspection so they can take a look for any issues in your drains.


Knowing the signs you need drain repair is the first step to solving the problem. What you want is for your drainage system issue to be addressed not only by anyone but by a professional.

This is to properly fix or replace anything that needs to be done and make sure to prevent it from happening again. As there are many things that can go wrong when doing drain repair, it is best to leave such a job to the experts.

Get in touch with Tom’s Plumbing and Drain Service, LLC and have your plumbing needs addressed the right way.

We offer 24/7 plumbing services in New Orleans, so you can rest assured that you will have someone you can count on in case of an emergency.

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