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Sinks and Drain Services in New Orleans: Ways to Unblock a Clogged Sink and Drain

We’ve all had those moments of doing the dishes and emptying the sink only to find that it drains slowly. Something is caught somewhere in the pipes. This just means that your drain is blocked.

Our local drainage engineers offer drain and sink cleaning services, helping homeowners and business owners with all types of plumbing issues. We are fully equipped to deal with problems like these while being mindful that you should not spend too much for the problem to be fixed.

Before you call us, we would like to equip you with the knowledge of unblocking clogged sinks and drains, without too much fuss or hassle.

6 Ways to Unblock a Clogged Sink and Drain

Clogged kitchen sinks are among the most common drainage issues for homeowners and businesses in New Orleans. The main culprits are food debris and soap residue that hinder smooth draining. Thankfully, clogged sinks are one of the easiest home repairs that you can manage on your own.

Try these methods before calling a plumber:

1. Use Boiling Water

Loosen the blockage in your sink drain with boiling water. It’s the simplest fix that is convenient to do for simple blockages. Disregard this method if your drain is attached to PVC pipes.

2. Check the Garbage Disposal

Overheated or dysfunctional disposal can be the culprit of your drainage issues. Turning on the disposal will usually break up the blockage. Activate the reset switch at the side or bottom of the unit to clear clogged sinks.

3. Plunge Away

A flat-bottomed plunger will be the best one for clogged sinks. All you have to do is position the plunger over the drain and begin pumping up and down quickly several times until the water drains freely.

4. Baking Soda and Vinegar

These natural alternatives to using chemical clogged sink cleaners are common household items that you can find in your kitchen. You can double down on intense clogs by repeating the process.

5. Use the Plumber’s Snake

Battle a blockage with the strength of a plumber’s snake that is coiled and can reach down into the drain. There are electric plumber snakes that can tackle more intense clogs. You can also create a makeshift one with a wire coat hanger that has a hooked end used to grab onto the debris.

6. Clean the P-Trap

The elbow-shaped pipe under your sink is the P-trap. This area usually gets blocked with food, grease, and other debris, causing your sink to drain very slowly or not at all.

Fix the clog by disassembling the pipe to clean out the debris causing the blockage. Use gloves, goggles, and towels because this task can get a little messy.

Sink and Drain Unblocking and Cleaning Services

If your drains are overflowing or the water in your sink, bath, or shower won’t drain properly, it will cause all sorts of problems. Some signs that your sink and drain are blocked can include an unpleasant smell around the drain, gurgling noises, and sewage coming up through the drains.

Our expert clogged sinks and drain experts in New Orleans can help you with:

  • Blocked drains
  • Blocked waste pipes
  • Drain clearance
  • Drain cleaning services
  • Drain jetting
  • Toilet, sink, and bath blockages
  • Investigating and removing bad smells
  • Clearing clogged commercial pipes
  • Unblocking drain pipes

Our local professional plumbers and sink and drain cleaning engineers use advanced drain-blocking equipment to remove blockages efficiently. It’s a quick and non-intrusive solution to clogged sinks and drainages.

So whether you are dealing with a clogged sink or drain, our team of specialists will rapidly respond to carry out essential cleaning and unblocking services, on the same day. They won’t leave you until you’re reassured that you have a fully functioning drainage system.

Call the Sink and Drainage Blockage Experts in New Orleans

Unfortunately, a blocked drain won’t fix itself, and if you leave it without fixing it, the problem will most likely get worse. The signs and the process to fix it could become more complex and difficult to handle.

At Tom’s Plumbing & Drain Service, LLC, we provide fast and professional clogged sink and drain cleaning services for homeowners and businesses.

We also offer other plumbing and drain services in New Orleans. If you don’t like to get your hands dirty or if you’ve tried unblocking, but without success, then we are here to help. Call us today!


Brent Savoie

Called Tom’s this morning for an appointment to unclog my kitchen sink drain. The worker arrived at our house right afternoon, was very professional, and knowledgeable, and got the job done quickly. I highly recommend Tom’s for Great Service, Reasonable Prices, and Reliability!!