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New Orleans Top-Rated Hydro Tunnel Services

When you choose Tom’s Plumbing & Drain Service, LLC, you are assured of quality plumbing services from a team of experts dedicated to providing the highest quality of work.

Our hydro tunneling services are minimally intrusive and invasive. It’s an effective technique for dealing with slab leaks under your foundation.

When undertaking cleaning and tunneling services on underground infrastructure like sewers, we have a variety of specialist hydro tunneling heads to de-slit, descale, and root cut as needed.

Our fleet can deal with a wide range of diameters and volumes of silt or blockage in pipes and sewers. Our hydro tunneling services in New Orleans provide you the peace of mind you’ve been longing for since your pipe and sewer issues arose.

What is Hydro Tunneling?

hydro tunneling - new orleans - Tom’s Plumbing and Drain Service, LLC.Hydro tunneling is a method used in loosening and removing the soil from broken pipes under the slab of your foundation. It is a modern method used to be able to access broken pipes that need to be replaced.

It is also called hydrovac excavation—an excavation method that is non-destructive because the water pressure is used. The pressure of the water is strong enough to make the earth turbulent and create a vacuum.

The surrounding debris is safely eliminated to expose the underground utilities, sewer drains, and pipelines.

Hydro tunneling services are used for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Installation of underground cables and utilities like fiber optics, telephone lines, pipes, and others.
  • Plumbing repairs or issues underneath a building’s foundation

Hydro Tunneling: A Unique Plumbing Solution

When you experience leaks or other problems under your foundation, you will need a plumbing contractor to break through the hole of the slab to get to the pipes underneath.

This can be one of the most difficult plumbing procedures because the contractor will have to be very careful not to cause further damage to the property.

Hydro tunneling is a unique plumbing solution that we offer at Tom’s Plumber for this type of plumbing repair. If you are experiencing a slab leak or other plumbing issues under your foundation, our expert hydro tunneling experts can come and fix the problem.

Benefits of Hydro Tunneling Services

Imagine the mess that you have to deal with to reach a plumbing problem beneath your slab and repair it. Digging a large hole to get access to underground pipes can make a mess in your yard and inside your home. At Tom’s Plumbing & Drain Service, LLC, you don’t have to deal with this kind of a mess.

We offer hydro tunneling services that will allow you to enjoy these benefits from this more technologically advanced procedure:

  1. A quick way to repair under slab plumbing
  2. A clean way to deal with plumbing issues under your foundation.
  3. The Least disruptive method to repair drain problems.
  4. Causes minimal damage to property or existing soil in your yard.
  5. Quick recovery
  6. More cost-effective than the traditional method.

The Hydro Tunneling Process

The traditional methods of tunneling involve mechanical or manual digging which is physically demanding and time-consuming. It can also pose a risk of causing damage to utilities underground or surface structures.

Hydro tunneling, on the other hand, is a non-mechanical and non-destructive process that uses a vacuum of industrial strength and pressurized water to excavate the earth and simultaneously remove soil.

The process involves these steps:

  1. The water and soil are then transferred by the vacuum into a debris tank exposing the broken pipes under the slab for replacement.
  2. Our plumbers will then use the tunnel to gain quick access and perform repairs on or replacements of broken pipes in a safer and more efficient manner.
  3. When the new drain pipes are secured to the slab structure following building codes and regulations, you are left with less mess.
  4. Once we finish repairing all of your plumbing issues beneath your home or business establishment, we will test if your piping system is working well.
  5. If there is a good flow of water, we backfill every inch of the tunnel with sand to ensure that the hole is sealed. This will prevent water from finding its way back under your home.

We use dry sand to backfill the tunnel so that the hole will be completely filled up to the bottom of your slab and to fully seal the tunnel.

Tom’s Plumbing & Drain Service, LLC hydro tunneling services in New Orleans are the fast, safe, and precise method of removing and replacing your damaged piping system. It’s an efficient way of cleaning and managing a piping system that requires less labor, backfill, and restoration.

With our efficient and precise hydro tunneling services, your business will not be disrupted. For homeowners, you won’t need to move your furniture or vacate your home while we fix the problem in your plumbing system underneath.

With hydro tunneling in New Orleans, you don’t have to worry about your slab being damaged. We will dig a tunnel outside the building. It’s a great and easy solution to a major plumbing problem.

Cost of Hydro Tunneling in New Orleans

Similar to other repairs inside a home, the cost of hydro tunneling services will vary depending on your situation. Hydro tunneling is typically priced by the foot which is why the exact location of the damaged piping system is important.

The average price of hydro tunneling will fall between the $200-$500 per foot range, but this price will vary between plumbing companies and your location.

Another important factor that will impact the price of the service will be the extent of damage and the amount of repair needed to be done to your piping system.

When to Call Tom’s Plumber for Hydro Tunneling Needs

Several circumstances will call for the need to contact a professional plumbing company like Tom’s Plumbing & Drain Service, LLC to fix your plumbing problems through hydro jetting.

If you have a newly renovated home or if you opt to remain in your home during all pipe repairs, you will benefit the most from under-slab hydro tunneling.

We also offer other plumbing and drain services. We perform hydro tunneling services in New Orleans with the least disruption allowing you to live life normally while having vital repairs being done to your piping system so don’t wait any longer and call us now!