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Video Pipe Inspections in New Orleans – Discover and Fix Your Plumbing Pipeline Issues

Pipes are renowned for corroding in inaccessible areas. This is not the only problem that the plumbing industry has encountered with pipes.

Whether underground or above ground, the unseen parts of a pipe often go unnoticed.

Tom’s Plumbing & Drain Service, LLC carries out pipeline inspections using top-of-the-line video pipe inspection in New Orleans.

Call us today to get started! We provide a complete report of your piping system that specifies any issues in your pipeline that require attention.

What is a Video Pipe Inspection?

Video pipe inspection, commonly referred to as sewer scope inspection, is a plumbing technique that involves using a high-resolution camera connected to a flexible fiberoptic scope.

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The camera inspections are durable enough and waterproof enough to go into any type of pipe.

The video camera inspection rod has an LED light on the end so that the technician can see along the inside of your pipeline system.

The scope rod can be bent and maneuvered around the curves and corners of your pipeline so that problem areas can be identified.

The video pipe inspection is fitted with a transmitter that will allow the technician to stop the rod at a point where they identify a blockage or hole, locate the point above ground, and mark the position.

When the point of your pipe system that has issues is identified, the technicians will be able to better advise you on the specific solution and the process that will be done to fix the problem.

Above ground, a technician looks into a monitor that shows the video as the camera on the scope is maneuvered along the length of the pipe.

The condition of the pipe and conduits is inspected in this manner. The video footage is stored as an MP4 file while on-site to provide a reference for the technician and the homeowner.

We offer a video pipe inspection in NOLA with experienced plumbing technicians.

We also perform sewer scope inspections of a home’s sewer main waste line or the sanitary or sanitation mainline from your house to the city sewer connection.

We identify pipeline and sewer line problems and let you know if your pipeline system is in need of repair or replacement.

When Should You Get a Pipeline or Sewer Scope Inspection?

Our expert technicians use specialized technical equipment to identify and diagnose problems in your pipeline.

Pipeline services include:

  • The recommended inspection interval
  • Next inspection date
  • The remaining life calculations of your pipeline are based on the design
  • Remaining wall thickness
  • Inspection codes
  • Checking the welds of your pipeline using current techniques

We will make sure that your pipelines meet all the standards, using ultrasonic waves to locate any issues and determine the size of those issues.

How will you know if you need our pipeline or sewer scope inspection services? Here are reasons or situations that would tell you that you will need a pipeline or sewer pipe inspection:

1. Existing Sewer Problems

When your sewer is continually backing up with a stinky mess, consider that these conditions may exist:

  • The need for proper maintenance of your sewer line

If all you need is a thorough cleaning to keep your sewer line in good working condition, we can do proper and timely maintenance now and in the future.

Our expert plumbers and technicians will make sure that your lateral line is flowing and free of debris such as excessive root infiltration and buildup of fats, oil, and grease.

  • Spot repair

When you are experiencing backups on your sewer line, there might just be one bad spot causing it. We do spot repairs to fix what is causing the problem.

  • Full replacement of a bad sewer line

We will determine if you need a full replacement of your sewer line through the video pipe inspection.

The usual reasons for a full replacement include:

  1. Old age: when your house was built 50+ years ago, you will most likely need a sewer line replacement
  2. Long-term problems that have been present for many months or years.
  3. Mainline clogs that cause water fixtures to malfunction.
  4. Persistent clogs even though you haven’t been flushing the wrong things down the drain
  5. Big trees with huge root systems encroaching on your sewage system
  6. Strange sounds or air bubbles in the toilet bowl during a flush.

2. If You Received a Notice From the City

When your sewage system is connected to the main line of the city and you encounter problems that are signs of damage in your pipeline or sewage system, you will need a video pipe inspection.

You will typically receive a notification from the city that your sewer connection (tap) to the city’s sewer mainline is broken.

Call us right away, so we can perform a video pipe inspection to identify the exact location and depth of the part of your pipeline that needs repair.

3. Your New Home Warranty is About to Expire

When you notice that the warranty on your new home is about to expire, you can call us to check your pipeline system to prevent plenty of headaches when there are existing issues that might cause bigger problems.

4. Before Selling a Home

It’s a wise consideration to have your pipeline system go through a video pipe inspection before placing it on the market.

This will help avoid negotiating with a buyer to fix problems in the pipeline system and minimize the chances of your deal potentially falling through.

Cost of a Video Pipe Inspection

The cost of a video pipe inspection varies greatly. It will typically cost from $99 to $300. The cost averages about $250-$500 and will depend on:

  • The quality of the video you get from the equipment being used
  • The length of the pipes
  • Local rates
  • Whether the images are just sent to a monitor or are recorded for later viewing

Quality Video Camera Inspections

Our certified video pipe inspectors will conduct a thorough inspection and report on your piping system. Where repairs need to be made, we will follow up with a post-repair re-inspection.

With each video pipe inspection that we do, we will advise you on the most appropriate method in which to perform the inspection and provide a complete overview of the integrity of your piping system.

We complete our quality video pipe inspections with a report that will show any maintenance or action that needs to be taken in order for your pipeline system to meet relevant inspection codes.

We also offer other plumbing and drain services in New Orleans like drain cleaning, water jetting, plumbing renovation, and many more. Contact us today to learn more!