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Pipeline Contractors in New Orleans – Smooth Sailing Service from Start to Finish

Pipelines can be complex to build and maintain. Like those in the oil and gas industry, big companies rely on seamless connections to help meet market demands.

They often deal with large arrays of pipes, each with its function and intricacy. Many companies rely on our pipeline contractor’s services.

Hiring a Professional

When it comes to pipeline construction and maintenance, Toms Plumbing and Drain has handled many projects in the last 20 years.

As one of the leading pipeline construction companies in New Orleans, we are the service to contact when it comes to everything to do with your home or business’ pipeline.

Our passion for our work has helped set us apart from the many companies in the area.

Aside from pipelines, we also offer other services for homes and commercial properties:

We’ve worked with thousands of satisfied customers. We ensure that everything works 100% and focus on quality overall.

We also do emergency services, handling all aspects of plumbing. Contact us for any pipeline and plumbing services.

To know more about how we work on our projects, continue reading!

Pipeline Services and Equipment

Tools for pipeline services

As experts in water pipeline construction and other pipeline services, it is more efficient to hire our trained, knowledgeable team in New Orleans at a lower cost to fix your pipelines.

And it would be much better to get help than try to invest in equipment for pipeline maintenance.

For your information, below is some equipment a contractor like us needs.

  • Dryer or Dryer-compressor: a filter system designed to remove water in compressed air. This helps prevent condensation, which can corrode pipes and create clumps.
  • Manifold: large and wide pipes that connect to smaller pipes. Manifolds can help regulate fluid flow or supply fuel/air mixtures.
  • Hose: a flexible hollow tube designed to carry fluids from one location to another. New technology allows pipeline cleaning and inspection through hoses.
  • Nitrogen Generator System: remedial pipeline treatments or major maintenance requires a nitrogen generator. It helps displace oxygen and prevent explosions.

Many facilities, such as offshore platforms and manufacturing plants, rent these systems regularly.

These all go hand-in-hand in different pipeline services.

Some of these services include:

  • Dewatering: it helps us separate water from solid materials. Many industrial processes need the dewatering of residual liquid.
  • Dehydration: it reduces the risk of pipelines getting damaged by ice plugs due to hydrates cooling down. Gas needs dehydration to help with processing and pipeline transportation.
  • Leak detection: our equipment employs the latest technology that detects any leaks in gas or liquid systems. Some of the most popular methods include the usage of laser and hydrostatic systems.
  • Sandblasting: considered one of the best ways for cleaning various industrial surfaces. Sandblasting helps us remove rust, old coatings and ensures that pipes are pristine.
  • Purging/Displacement: many pipelines worldwide use displacement by gas to help remove water or air from their systems. We employ this method as it is one of the safest and quickest ways to do so.
  • Pressure testing: pressure testing helps us check pipe strength and possible leaks. This ensures the durability and safety of the pipeline for long periods.

Pipeline Construction

pipeline construction - new orleans

As an industry leader in pipeline construction, we have done pipeline construction works for big building and infrastructure projects.

Pipelines are often constructed in various areas, including backyards and farms.

There is usually an actual process we follow towards construction:


Since pipelines need large space, we must stage and designate areas first. Materials such as sandbags, fuel tanks, pipes, and fencing are placed in the stockpile area.

The site will also provide a place for construction vehicles to park. Staging areas are often set in large fields or forested lands. The construction of access roads will create connections to these areas.

These lands are also reinforced to ensure that no damage comes to the equipment during the work period.


Clearing helps us avoid obstruction during the excavation process. We will be responsible for the sale or disposal of cleared trees.

Landowners, who become affected by the clearing, have the option of selling the timber themselves.

The use of a stump grinder will also remove the stumps from the area.


After clearing, our machines will go to work to create trenches for the pipeline.

Jackhammers will help with more massive rock formations.

The placement of sandbags on the trenches supports the pipe and restricts water flow.

Pipe Assembly

Pipe segments are pre-coated and transported to the trenches.

We assemble them beside the trench and adjust to follow the planned route.

Pipes are then welded, sandblasted, and coated once more to prevent corrosion. Extra steps such as an x-ray scan will help ensure that a pipeline isn’t compromised.


Complex landscapes such as waterways or roads require deeper placement.

There are various methods to tackle this, depending on the obstacles. Other obstructions can include populated areas and mines.

Testing and Finishing

After the inspection and water heater installation of the pipeline, we do integrity tests.

Hydrostatic testing will help check if the pipeline is ready for operation.

If the pipeline remains intact after testing, then surface seeding is the next step.

The pipeline path will have above-ground markers for identification.

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