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Plumbing Renovation Service in New Orleans, Louisiana

Even the smallest plumbing problems need to be fixed immediately after discovering them before they turn into costly repair disasters in your house.  Most homeowners want to know the plumbing renovation cost before hiring a plumber.

Unrepaired pipelines and clogged drains in the entire home may lead to a full renovation.

Serious Plumbing Problems

If you don’t pay attention to some visible signs of problems in the fixtures, plumbing mishaps can cause havoc on your home.

If you ignore small watermarks on the wall, floor, or ceiling boards, these brewing problems may end up being costly.

Pipe Replacement

Pipe leaks behind the walls and floors are the most difficult to find because they’re not visible. Water coming out of the pipe can crawl and show somewhere else, making it hard to pinpoint where the problem is.

Frozen and corroded pipes are also prone to leaking and bursting. A good indicator of this problem is seeing signs of watermarks on the floors, walls, or ceiling boards.

Burst pipes that are buried or behind the walls can cause a plumbing disaster. No troubleshooting measures can fix this problem. Replacing the entire pipeline may be the only solution.

Main Sewer or Drain Pipe Problems

A blocked or clogged main sewer line is a plumbing emergency that needs professional hands handling the work.

You may observe sewer backups in the lowest open drain. You may also experience a backup when you flush the toilet or run water down the sink or bathroom drain. These are all indications of a likely problem in the main sewer line.

Recurring backups after a rigorous pipe cleaning may indicate other underlying problems like tree root intrusion, cracks, or bathtub drain misaligned pipe connection.

  • Trenchless Pipe Repair

Sewer problems not only stink, but they also interrupt your daily routine. Instead of the traditional pipe repair that entails days and days of digging in your yard, a trenchless pipe repair is a faster remedy.

We can use high-tech equipment to locate the problem in the pipes and make it easier to isolate the problem.

It may require digging one or two access points to get the job done. It’s less intrusive and can save time, money, and headaches.

  • Sewer Cleanout

A sewer clean-out is an essential part of every home’s plumbing system.

This pipe with a cap at the end provides access to the sewer line to remove blockages if there are any.

A blockage in the sewer line can cause sewage to back up inside the house.

If a clogged sewer line isn’t fixed by hydro-jetting, there’s a possibility that the blockage has hardened, and the entire sewer line needs to be replaced.

Serious Fixture Problems

Wear and tear are valid reasons for replacing plumbing fixtures. Long periods of use can cause the fittings and accessories to wear out and become faulty. If minor repair works aren’t enough to fix the problems, the best and most cost-efficient way of dealing with serious fixture problems is a replacement.

  • Toilet Problems

Toilet Problems Tom's Plumbing & Drain Services

Toilets that overflow are unimaginable. It’ll cause flooding not just in the bathroom but in nearby bedrooms and other parts of the house.

With faulty and worn-out tank fittings, toilets will not function efficiently and wastewater.

  • Faucet Problems

Faucets wear and tear over a long period of use.

Any faulty part such as a clogged nozzle, broken gaskets can cause faucets to malfunction or leak, in which case, replacement of the units is necessary.

Keep in mind that dripping faucets and taps could quickly blow up your water bill.


  • Problems with Garbage Disposal Unit

A jammed or clogged garbage disposal device may be caused by grinding coffee grounds, eggshells, bones, rubber, or metal, the debris of which can block or jam the grinding chamber.

If standard troubleshooting can’t fix the jamming and blockage problems, there may be other serious issues with the unit. You may need to replace and install a new unit.

  • Sink Replacement

Whether it’s the bathroom or kitchen sink, grease, wear, and tear can cause the sink to break or chip. Cracks may prevent the sink from holding the water. If the sink cracks are near the drain, they may cause water to miss the leak.

  • Problems with Drains and Drain Pipes

Slow-flowing drains can only mean that there’s a blockage in the drain pipe.

Debris can accumulate in the drain pipes of the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub/shower drains, and toilet drains.

It may be difficult to remove hardened debris and dirt using the usual declogging measures, in which case a replacement may be necessary.

Shower and Bathtub

If you see a watermark on the ceiling below your bathroom, chances are you may have a leaking bathtub or shower.

Locating the leak point in the shower and bathtub drain pipe isn’t easy and will require a professional plumber for bathroom renovation in New Orleans to handle the job.

Washing Machine Washing machine

If you observe water collecting around your washing machine, you may have a case of an overflowing washing machine drain.

The usual cause of this problem is clogging at the drain pipe or a severe main sewer line blockage.

Ignoring this problem may lead to structural damage in your home.

Dishwasher Drain and Water Line

Like in the washing machine, your dishwasher drainpipe may overflow and cause other severe problems in the kitchen like mold growth.

The water supply line of the dishwasher can break due to high water pressure.

You may need to replace a broken dishwasher water supply line with one that can stand high water pressure. A clogged dishwasher drain pipe will cause water to back up into the sink while the dishwasher runs.

We Can Do Your New Orleans Plumbing Remodel and Repair Works

If you want to do it right and get your money’s worth, our team of expert plumbers here at Tom’s Plumbing & Drain Service,LLC will work with you in ensuring that the remodeling project gets done.

We can help identify spots or areas that need major renovation and those that need less remodeling work.

We will save you money by installing new pipes and not reuse the old ones. The new lines will help eliminate leaking problems in the future.

We can also work out a routine checklist to monitor and check the pipes and fittings for irregularities or unusual behavior.

What We Offer

The plumbers of Tom’s Plumbing and Drain Service have over two decades of experience and a sterling track record to boot.

All our plumbers do what they love to do, and out of that passion comes a commitment to provide quality work and services to the homeowners and residents of NOLA.

We guarantee to deliver work that will satisfy our clients. We are always available for emergency callouts. Other than this service we also have commercial plumbers for small businesses,  water, and heating installation, and many more. These are just some of the plumbing services that we proudly offer.

We have the gear, and we do it well. Call us today or go to our contact us page and we will attend to all your queries!


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