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Why Sewer Inspection is Necessary: Benefits and Tips

Sewage system is something that homeowners don’t necessarily think about 24/7. Most of the time, you only think of it when a specific problem arises. Somehow, this makes sense because most sewage systems are hidden or placed underground.

However, being proactive in these times is always the better option. It will be very stressful if you just wait for the time when something goes wrong in your sewer system such as clogging.

Thankfully, sewer inspection is a thing nowadays. At this point in time, one can even say that a sewer inspection is necessary. But how does this work and why exactly would you need one?

What is Sewer Inspection?

It’s only logical for you to understand first the basic things about sewer inspection before you get convinced to have it done in your home.

Like the sewage system of a city that needs regular inspection, your home’s sewer line or system also needs and deserves one.

Sewer inspection is basically a process whereby a home sewer line or system is thoroughly checked and inspected using special tools.

The most important tool used by sewer inspection companies for this process is a drain snake with a sewer line camera. This drain snake with a video camera is sent along the sewer line to view the pipes from the inside.

The camera used here is waterproof and is specially made for this type of inspection.

The drain snake and camera are connected to a monitor screen where the insides of a pipe can be viewed. Somehow, this entire process of sewer inspection can be likened to what happens during a colonoscopy.

Some of the most common problems detected during sewer inspection include clogging, collapsed or misaligned lines, cracks, and tree roots.

Reasons Why Sewer Inspection is Necessary

If left unattended, pipes can be damaged and require excavation to repair. If you have trees or large shrubs anywhere near your sewer line, you should have regular inspections. Even new sewer systems can spring leaks and get blocked from time to time, but older systems have a much higher risk.

After knowing what sewer inspection is, how it works and why it is necessary, here are more concrete reasons why you should consider getting the services of sewer inspection companies.

1. Sewer Line Problems Can Go Unnoticed Until It’s Too Late

Sewer lines and systems are not like lighting fixtures that you can see at any time of the day. Furthermore, before a bulb or lighting goes bust, there are at least signs you can notice immediately such as flickering or dimming.

When this happens, well you can just pull a new bulb from your stock room. Easy right?

Well, there’s a whole different story for sewer lines. First of all, sewers, whether for your house or for a city, are basically hidden. These can either be placed underground, in the basement, or in crawl spaces.

Sewer Line Problems

Because of this situation, you can’t really examine your sewer anytime you want. It takes much effort to go down to your basement just to check on some pipes.

Moreover, should you go there and pay it a visit, you can’t examine or inspect it without the proper tools and knowledge.

That is why a sewer scope inspection is necessary to discover whether your sewer pipes are working perfectly.

2. Actual Sewer System Repair is More Expensive

How much is a sewer inspection? This might be a question that pops first into every homeowner’s mind when considering getting an inspection. A common misconception is that sewer inspection is expensive.

Its actual price averages from a low of $250 to a high of $2000. This will depend on your location and the type of sewer system you want to be inspected. Sometimes, simple inspections can just cost you as little as $150.

And the great thing is, you don’t have to do this often. It is suggested that you get a sewer inspection only every year or two.

So would you rather avoid spending a few bucks for sewer inspection and risk an expensive repair in the future?

Not all sewer damages are covered by your insurance. So if it comes to worse (hopefully not), you might need to shell out a few thousand dollars just for a repair. This value goes even higher if you need total replacement should a repair serviceman deem your sewer system irreparable.

3. Sewer Lines Attract Tree Roots

If there is one thing that loves sewer pipes more than a repairman, these are probably tree roots. No matter what you do, tree roots are made to constantly find sources of water for them to survive and grow. And unsurprisingly, your sewer pipes are great sources of nutrients that a tree needs.

Trees are not just your concern here but every plant or shrub around your house with roots that can reach your pipes. Roots don’t necessarily crack open sewer lines on their own.

But these tree roots capitalize on small cracks and openings to penetrate. Over time, these openings then will get bigger and may cause huge damage to the lines.

So if you live in an area surrounded by trees and plants, consider having a sewer inspection once a year if possible.

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4. Your House is Around 25 Years Old

Whatever material was used for your house’s pipes, there will come a time when it will suffer deterioration or damage. This can get more evident if your house is over 20 years already.

So to prevent further damage to these pipes, it would be best to schedule a home inspection of the sewer scope once a year or every two years. For more informed advice on this, contact your local plumbing and drain company.

old sewerSewer Inspection Company You Can Trust

If you live in New Orleans, you are in luck because Tom’s Plumbing and Drain Service has been in the plumbing industry for over 20 years.

Services include plumbing installation, repair, and inspection. And the best thing is the company has licensed plumbers and 24-hour emergency services!

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